Stakeholder engagement


Depending on the quality of our relationships they can either contribute, maintain, or erode our stock of relationship capital. Our ability to maintain good relationships with the communities in which we operate, and society as a whole, is key to maintaining our social licence to operate.

We have always recognised the key role relationships play in our ability to deliver on our purpose. The importance we place on relationships is reflected in our value that has been in place since we listed in 2010

Mutual interests and mutual rewards

We have mutual goals and mutual interests and we depend on each other to realise our vision and mission. We operate in good faith, openly and transparently

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the value of partnerships and the ability of both individual South Africans and our corporations to collaborate for the greater good. These partnerships made it possible for us to deliver on our value:

Promises delivered

We do what we say we will do

How we define our relationships

We identify:

  • our key stakeholders
  • what matters to RBPlat and what matters to our stakeholders, and the risks and opportunities arising from these matters, through independent surveys and our assessment of relationships based on the outcome of our engagements. We address any areas where our assessments indicate that there is room for improvement in a relationship.

We analyse the impact, influence and value of a relationship to our stakeholders and to our business as a whole and our ability to deliver on our strategy.

We design and implement engagement strategies and plans that will assist us in adding value to our business and our stakeholders through our engagement.

We also categorise the type of engagement our relationships are based on as being collaborative, consultative or involved. We also recognise that relationships can change over time and can involve more than one type of engagement. For example, RBPlat’s relationship with our employees can be both consultative and collaborative.

Our key stakeholder goals are the value we wish to deliver to each of our key stakeholders