Condensed Consolidated Interim Results

for the six months ended 30 June

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Key features of our performance

  • 297.2% increase in EBITDA to R2 087.8 million
  • 573.6% increase in basic headline earnings per share to 335.3 cents
  • Net cash position of R701.8 million
  • RPM deferred consideration settled in full

Key features of our performance

  • Strong performance at BRPM and Styldrift hampered by 45 production days lost due to COVID-19
  • 12.9% decrease in 4E ounce production to 173.5koz
  • 10.1% increase in total cash operating costs to R2 896 million

Key features of our performance

  • 37.4% improvement in the SIFR
  • 16.7% improvement in the LTIFR
  • Supported our employees and contractors by paying them salaries of approximately R225 million during the initial lockdown

Key features of our performance

  • Built the 200-bed Royal Bafokeng Platinum Field Hospital to treat our employees and community for COVID-19
  • Provided food hampers to 1 175 households within our community
  • Provided hygiene care packages to the community
  • Donated laptops and computer tablets to learners and teachers in the community

Key features of our performance

  • Potable water cost saving of R3.0 million by using our water treatment plant
  • Due to the national lockdown and Eskom load curtailment water treatment at the BRPM plant decreased to 263.97Ml



The sudden and unprecedented shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all areas of business and society, affecting our employees, their families, friends and loved ones. RBPlat implemented measures designed to manage the impact and spread of the virus by continuing our operations within the broader national guidelines, as well as our own health and safety framework, while also limiting the economic impact on our communities through our community support programme.

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