Promises delivered


The communities in which we operate are key stakeholders with whom we wish to share the economic value we create and to whom we wish to leave a lasting legacy of sustainable benefits. Our social and labour plans (SLPs), which are an important part of our Mining Charter Scorecard commitments and a prerequisite for retaining our mining rights, drive the major part of our community investment.

We want to achieve real change for communities through delivering on our SLP commitments and building social capital rather than regulatory capital.


The Mining Charter requires that we conduct a needs analysis by means of a community consultative and collaborative process.

The Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN) has a 30-year Master plan aimed at creating an environment in which people can live with dignity and have access to health, education and recreation facilities and employment opportunities that will allow them to maximize their abilities and talents. Local governments and municipalities have integrated development plans, which provide an overall framework for development aimed at improving the quality of life for all the people living in an area.

To achieve the most we can out of our investments we need to work together. In addition to engaging with our doorstep communities on their needs we also work with the RBN and the Rustenburg municipality to ensure that our SLP complements their community initiatives.

Our SLP projects focus on five key areas:

  • Basic infrastructure
  • Health
  • Education
  • Poverty alleviation and job creation
  • Community skills development


Our maths and science project in partnership with the Royal Bafokeng Institute (RBI), which started in 2013, is being implemented in both primary and secondary schools in our communities. It has achieved a very pleasing measurable improvement in matric maths and science marks.

The project is designed to address:

  • Maths and science learning
  • Governance
  • School management skills at all levels including school governing bodies
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety and security.


Procuring from local black-empowered businesses helps alleviate poverty and can create employment in the region in which we operate. We have been able to meet and where possible exceed our preferential procurement targets, in terms of the Mining Charter Scorecard, and procure as much as possible from black-empowered businesses, but in particular local black-owned businesses.

Procuring from local suppliers does, however, often come at a price premium because these businesses do not have the purchasing power or resources that would make them more competitively priced.


RBPlat is committed to empowering local communities and achieving compliance with the Mining Charter based on sound economic principles. Given the changes in the markets, legislation and supplier constraints in South Africa, our Supply Chain Management has a responsibility to establish and develop suppliers to enhance their competitiveness.

RBPlat, in conjunction with the Royal Bofokeng Enterprise Development Department (RBED), provides a platform to effectively engage with local SMMEs, develop their capacity and integrate them into RBPlat's supply chain through business linkages. We also provide a development programme that forges competitive, sustainable, win-win business partnerships between RBPlat and local SMMEs.

We have appointed a black empowerment and enterprise development manager whose role it is to assist HDSA and local enterprises with their development and help local black-empowered businesses manage their tender processes, contract negotiations and pricing.