Policies and charters

Supply Chain Policy [PDF - 371KB]
Schedule of RBPlat Director Board Directorships [PDF - 49KB]
Remuneration and Nominations Committee [PDF - 108KB]
Share Appreciation Rights Scheme Rules [PDF - 571KB]
MOI of a profit company [PDF - 1.4B]
Conflict of Interest Policy [PDF - 169KB]
Audit and risk committee terms of reference [PDF - 193KB]
Board of directors charter [PDF - 218KB]
Code of ethics [PDF - 228KB]
Full share plan scheme rules [PDF - 343KB]
Revised RBPlat she policy [PDF - 334KB]
Securities dealings policy [PDF - 152KB]
Social and ethics committee terms of reference [PDF - 185KB]
Technical committee terms of reference [PDF - 179KB]
BBBEE certificate and report [PDF - 283KB]