Our impact on the natural environment


however, there is a great deal we can do to mitigate these impacts and ensure that they are not long term.

We have adopted a precautionary approach to environmental management, which is based on international best practice, legal compliance and maintaining our environmental and social licence to operate.

Our Group-wide environmental strategy is an integral part of our SHE management system, which we use to manage our environmental aspects and impacts and overall environmental performance.

Both our operations have achieved ISO 14001 certification. BRPM has maintained its certification since 2002 and Styldrift I achieved certification in 2016. Our ISO 14001 EMS is audited for
re-certification every year by independent external parties as part of our business strategy.


Our climate change strategy recognises that:

  • our activities have an impact on climate change through the production and release of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which contribute to global climate change
  • climate change, driven by GHG emissions originating in human activity (primarily from the combustion of fossil fuels and industrial processes), present a pressing and significant challenge to society
  • It is the responsibility of business to act to mitigate its impact on global climate change for the sake of current and future generations
  • addressing the causes and adapting to the impacts of climate change is core to our strategy, which seeks to deliver More than mining by creating economic value for all our stakeholders.

RBPlat has endorsed the Caring for Climate initiative, which is the largest business movement to address climate change. It has been endorsed by over 400 companies from more than 60 countries. We are also signatories to the CDSB's fiduciary duty and climate change disclosure project

As members of the National Business Initiative (NBI) we have joined the We Mean Business Campaign and have committed ourselves to:

  • ensuring responsible corporate engagement on climate policy
  • providing climate change information in mainstream corporate reports.
  • Improving water security


We recognise that our business is energy intensive and that not only is the consumption of energy a significant cost to the business, but it also leads to the production and release of greenhouse gas emissions.

RBPlat has a board-approved energy management strategy aligned to the business strategy. This strategy allows us to proactively manage our energy risks as well as the related opportunities.


We have a board approved water strategy. The main aims of our strategy for the management of our water include:

  • Reducing our potable water consumption by improving water use efficiencies and water recycling
  • Preventing the contamination of ground and surface water resources
  • Maintaining and strengthening our licence to operate by securing the availability of sufficient water for our current and future mining operations
  • Reducing our operating costs through increased water use efficiency to strengthen the company's financial position.

RBPlat has secured an adequate water allocation for its current and future mining requirements at BRPM and Styldrift I. We commissioned a water treatment plant in 2015 to treat water in our return water dams and our UG2 open-cast pit for use in our concentrator plant to reduce our reliance on potable water.


Dust fall-out is monitored monthly using dust buckets located within the RBPlat mining area and the surrounding communities. Dust buckets are collected by the environmental department and analysed by appointed service providers who compare the results with SANS 1929:2005 dust fall out standards.

Ambient noise is also monitored regularly, both within and outside our mining areas. We monitor PM10 through the use of the PM10 monitoring station based at BRPM and monitor ground vibrations. Exceedances are investigated and managed as part of our EMS.


RBPlat has a biodiversity management plan for its mine lease area. This plan forms the foundation of the mine's biodiversity management actions and incorporates specialist information on soils, vegetation, animals and wetlands

Biodiversity management forms an integral part of our ISO 14001 EMS through which its biodiversity action plans are managed and reported.


Different types of waste are generated from our daily activities and, if not properly managed, they could negatively impact the environment. We have implemented an effective waste management system through which we separate and manage different kinds of waste to prevent environmental pollution.

BRPM operates a permitted landfill site where we dispose all our operations’ general domestic waste. To reduce the amount of waste landfilled and to increase the landfill’s life span, a paper recycling project was commissioned in 2015.


Our closure liability assessments are completed annually by independent external service providers and the financial closure provisioning is updated and submitted to the DMR. The environmental closure liability review is also conducted annually by an independent auditing firm in support of the financial audit. The objective of this is to perform a reasonableness review of the process followed for the estimation of closure liability.