RBPlat has a zero-tolerance approach to corrupt behaviour and to any behaviour that may compromise human rights and requires all its representatives to act in good faith and in a manner that promotes our aspiration to be a good corporate citizen.

Our Board-approved code of ethics (the code) and fraud and corruption prevention policy (the policy) are designed to ensure the effective management of ethics and fraud and corruption in RBPlat. They are in line with international best practice and make it clear that we do not tolerate acts of bribery or fraud by our employees, contractors, suppliers, partners and other business partners. The code represents a commitment to doing what is right. Our employees agree to uphold this commitment. It goes without saying that those who fail to follow the code put themselves, their colleagues and RBPlat at risk.

The issue of corporate ethics receives attention from the highest level of management within RBPlat, with our Chief Executive Officer being ultimately responsible for implementing our code of ethics. All our suppliers are required to acknowledge and confirm in all supply contracts that they have read and understood the code and agree to be guided by it in terms of their actions and behaviour.

The Chairman of our Board ensures that the behavior of Board members is in accordance with both the code and the policy governing ethics. In turn, our Board and its committees monitor compliance with both the code and the policy by the business on a quarterly basis. RBPlat's Chief Internal Auditor provides the committees with quarterly reports on RBPlat's ethical performance, which include feedback from our ethics hotline and our internal audit department and the actions that have been taken to promote and instill an ethical culture.

We apply Principle 10 of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), that states that business should work against corruption in all its forms including extortion and bribery, to our Board decision-making processes.

Information on fraud and corruption awareness as well as ethics awareness forms part of our induction programme, in which all employees participate. Our refresher training also includes this information. Information on RBPlat's policy on fraud and corruption and ethics awareness is also regularly provided in our employee newsletter. We have, in addition, established processes to monitor and report continually on ethics in RBPlat.

Fraud risks are included in our risk assessment process which includes all business units. See our full code of ethics here


RBPlat has grievance and corrective action procedures in place to ensure that any corrupt behaviour of which we become aware of is dealt with accordingly.

RBPlat does not support any political parties or politicians with either financial or in kind contributions.