More than mining

Our vision and mission

To seek and deliver the good from mining
To leave a lasting legacy of sustainable benefits for our stakeholders

Our strategy

The four pillars of our strategy are designed to deliver earnings and growth for all our stakeholders through responsible, safe mining. We measure our progress against these strategies by continually monitoring our performance against our key performance indicators.

Our strategies are underpinned by our aspiration of achieving More than mining

Our purpose

To create economic value for all our stakeholders

Our values

Safety and people first

Mining is a high-risk business and cannot succeed without total trust, respect, teamwork and an uncompromising commitment to safety and people first

Promises delivered

We do what we say we will do

Mutual interests and mutual rewards

We have mutual goals and mutual interests, and we depend on each other to realise our vision and mission. We operate in good faith, openly and transparently

Sustainable value creation

  • Exploration
  • Project
  • Mining
  • Concentrate
  • People
  • Suppliers

Refiners of our PGM concentrate and marketers of the end product

Purchasers of PGMs in the form of exchange traded funds (ETFs), the automotive, jewellery, electronic, chemical, dental and medical industries