We believe in ethical business conduct and have a zero tolerance approach to corrupt behaviour and any behaviour that may compromise human rights.

RBPlat requires all its representatives to act in good faith and in a manner that promotes our aspiration to be a good corporate citizen. The issue of corporate ethics receives attention from the highest level of management within RBPlat, with our Chief Executive Officer being ultimately responsible for implementing our Code of Ethics. We also require all of our suppliers to acknowledge and confirm in all supply contracts that they have read and understood our Code of Ethics and agree to be guided by it in terms of their actions and behaviour.

In addition to the Executive Committees, the Board, Audit and Risk and Social and Ethics committees monitor compliance with our Code of Ethics through the quarterly report they receive from the Executive: Risk and Assurance, which includes feedback from our whistle-blower hotline and our internal audit department.

Information on fraud and corruption and our ethics hotline forms part of our induction and refresher training and information on RBPlat’s policy on fraud and corruption as well as information on our ethics hotline is regularly included in our staff newsletter. We have also established a process to monitor and report on ethics in RBPlat.

Fraud risks are included in our risk assessment process which includes all our business units.

Incidents of fraud and corruption that are reported or detected through management controls are formally investigated by the Executive: Risk and Assurance and/or our Security Manager, depending on the incident’s severity. Where control weaknesses are identified we implement control enhancement measures. Where an investigation proves that our fraud and corruption policy has been transgressed we follow a formal disciplinary process, which could lead to dismissal and/or criminal charges being instituted.

Our Fraud and corruption prevention policy was updated and approved during 2014. This policy has been distributed to all heads of department and is discussed at our monthly business review meetings to ensure that our first level of management is aware of its provisions and that they cascade it down their management line. All heads of department are required to declare their interests, irrespective of whether or not there is an existing conflict of interest. This information forms the foundation of future fraud prevention activities.

RBPlat has grievance and corrective action procedures in place to ensure that any corrupt behaviour that we become aware of is dealt with accordingly.

RBPlat does not support any political parties or politicians with either financial or in-kind contributions.

Our Code of ethics

Our Code of Ethics, which was revised and approved in 2013 to bring it in line with international best practice, explains that we do not tolerate acts of bribery or fraud by our employees, contractors, suppliers, joint venture partners and other business partners. We take immediate action (which may include dismissal and legal action) against any organisation or person committing bribery or fraud and have systems in place to prevent these misdemeanours. We are also committed to fair trade and purchasing in an ethical manner, and subscribe to the United Nations Global Compact Principles.