Training and development

RBPlat is committed to providing the members of its workforce with the training they require to do their jobs and to work safely. In addition to the mandatory and legal training we provide we are researching the role human error plays in safety incidents and how best we can provide coaching and training to reduce safety incidents.

RBPlat’s commitment to education and development extends from the first years at school through to tertiary education and continuous development for those employed at RBPlat and the communities in which we operate. We want to:

  • provide our employees with the opportunity to continually grow and develop during their employment at RBPlat
  • offer adults from our communities adult education and training (AET) that will help them also reach their full potential and equip them to find suitable employment
  • provide the children from our communities with the education they need to reach their full potential

Our bursary scheme continues to attract great interest from the community and gives us an opportunity to select talented individuals to participate in the bursary scheme. Most of our bursars move on to participate in RBPlat’s talent pipeline. We currently employ senior managers in the Company that originally came through our bursary scheme.

The Mining Academy continues to serve as a gateway to formal employment in our operations for community members. Community members are taken though rigorous and stimulating on-the-job training. Once they are qualified, candidates are absorbed into different roles on the mine from where they have the opportunity to progress their careers.